Marketing—it’s the real deal. At Pearl Jade, it’s our bread and butter, our raison d’être. While there are a variety of strategies under the marketing umbrella, social media has become paramount in our digital age. If you don’t have a presence on a social platform, who even are you? (Guess what, your audience may not know either!)

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Your Brand in a Digital World

Did you know that 79% of the U.S. reported using social media in 2019? Compare this to a whopping 10% in 2008.

Whether your target demographic can be found on one or multiple social media platforms, it’s crucial that your digital presence is up-to-par. Your potential customer could be scouring the web for your services, but without an active social media presence they’ll never know you exist.

“But what about my website?” you ask.

Don’t get us wrong—websites are still CRUCIAL. But today, consumers seek a personal experience. They want to feel like they know you and know your brand. They want to associate with who you are and what you do. At Pearl Jade, we pride ourselves on making informational, relatable, and effective content for your audience in the digi-socialsphere so that you are top of mind when your target audience is in need.

Starting the Conversation

Creating content is so much more than posting the latest viral video. When you’re trying to earn your customers’ trust and build a community, you’ve gotta muscle up and show them you know what you’re talking about.

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Give them information. Share tips. Explain why you do what you do. (And don’t be afraid to show some humor, because as far as we can tell, your customers and clients aren’t robots—yet.)

With us, you’ll know your brand is being represented well on social media, while growing a virtual community. You really don’t have to lift a finger—we’ll walk you through it.

Looking to attract clients who need roof repairs? We’ll do the research and curate a campaign. Trying to increase engagement on your Instagram? We know just the right strategy to get people to start a conversation with you. But always remember—comments and likes are fun, but if it’s not driving your bottom line, don’t worry about it. It’s less about how many likes you get, and more about having the right people see it.

Today’s the Day

Connecting with customers, creating the right kind of content, building a community, and reaching the right people. It can be bamboozling. But don’t let social media overwhelm you you—we’re here to make sure it’s a kick-back-and-relax kind of experience.

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