Social Media Management: Facebook Management

 The Right Kind of Social Media Management in Harrisburg

Facebook, like it or not, has found a very comfortable place on our phones, computers, tablets—and life in general. It’s one of the most widely used platforms for social media and holds tons of potential. Given its place in our society, it’s almost a given that any business out there has a Facebook page backing up their online presence. The thing is…there’s no user manual and if you’ve ever tried to approach the management of yours or someone else’s Facebook page you have discovered that there is A LOT that goes into it and little to no direction about how to do it correctly. This is exactly where the Pearl Jade Marketing team comes in!

We’re happy to offer our all-encompassing Facebook Management services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to businesses, both big and small, to relieve the burden of having to worry about keeping up with trends, posting regularly, advertising, and engagement with returning and new customers alike! There’s a lot of bang for your buck here, check out what we offer under our Facebook Management service in PA category:


  • Routine Posting: Just like other listings for your business (such as Google), people who visit your Facebook business page will look for some identifying signs that your page is a) legitimate b) worth looking at. Routine posting takes the wheel here to establish credibility and provide engaging posts for your audience. The PJM team and Facebook post manager will work with you to establish desired amounts of organic posts per week and generate the ideas of what posts should be about (hello content calendar!). We even take on all the design and scheduling of those posts! Say goodbye to worrying about making sure you post frequently enough and say hello to Pearl Jade Marketing.
  • Sponsored Facebook Advertisements: Now, this is the area where we see a lot of business owners put up the surrender flag and back out. With Facebook Management, Facebook advertising is a wonderful place to connect with potential customers but the setup and management can be, let’s just say…a little tricky. For this one, we happily offer this management and advertising as a service. With this service, you get professional consultation from our team to determine your unique marketing goals, budget, and strategy. From there, we are the ones to create and implement your ads, identify the target audience and demographics, and then publish your ads for the world to see! Of course, your input is very valuable in determining these items, but as far as the management goes, that’s all on us! Our team are the experts here and are happy to guide you through the process to get the word out to more and more people!
  • Facebook Analytics Reports: All of these Facebook management services in Harrisburg are great, but you might be asking yourself, “how do I know it’s working?” Well, we knew you would ask that—and we already have the perfect solution for that. Introducing…the beauty of Facebook analytics reports! These reports will reflect both the organic (not paid for) and sponsored content performance through interpreting the insights each month! That’s right! We take all of the confusing data and simplify it into an easily readable report unique to your business and its goals! You’ll be able to compare monthly reports and make more informed decisions regarding future marketing efforts—and we’re always glad to provide you with the data that matters.

The Full Facebook Management Picture

When you combine all of the management services for Facebook with the PJM ability to solidify your brand and image, you get a stress free way to reach the customers and people that matter to your business. This is a great place to dip your toe in the water of social media and we’ll be the ones to make sure you feel comfortable diving all the way in! With our team guiding you every step of the way, there is nothing to worry about. So jump on in, the water is fine!