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We’re designers, marketers, problem-solvers, doers, thinkers, and all around leaders in our space. We bring happiness to our clients by simplifying and leveraging today’s digital marketing platforms to improve their quality of life.

What we do

We get stuff done for you. At a high level.
No excuses, just results.


Social Media Marketing

It’s the real deal for business. With the right touch, it works amazingly. We do this before, during, and after breakfast.

Digital Ad Management

No other ad medium gives you the insight and opportunity to reach the best clients—in droves across the land.

Branding + Graphic Design

It has to look right. People make walk-away decisions based on the “look and feel”. Our design work pulls them in, and our branding gets them engaged.

Website Creation

Your website is your digital home—it’s where you and your brand live on the internet. We’ll make your site shine with good content and better design.

Marketing Consulting

Like any good engine, today’s marketing has many moving parts. We bring the know how to win the race. Vroom Vroom.

Speaking/Training Seminars

We love to talk about our passions—how businesses like yours can grow through branding and digital marketing. Let’s talk, then make it happen.

Why we are different

It’s our unique combination of skills, experience, and market psychology that we bring to the table for our clients. Our process helps us to develop an insightful awareness to their challenges, which gives us the edge in knowing the correct paths to follow (or create) to make them the go-to choice in their space. Get in touch with us. You’ll see the difference.

The Good Stuff

Here We Are

Your team, your partners, your marketing gurus.

Janelle DelSignore

Janelle DelSignore

Owner & Founder

Almost always in a fantastic mood. Proud mother. May find her laughing at her own jokes.


Janelle is the owner and founder of Pearl Jade Marketing. She wakes up ready to market and loves putting together strategic plans for various business types. Janelle is a mother to her daughter, Nikki, and two furballs, Nova and Quarter. Throughout the day, you may commonly find her getting overly excited about marketing campaigns and encouraging others through her positivity.

Emma Patrick

Emma Patrick

Marketing Manager

Always looking for inspiration. Can usually be found exploring new places with chai tea & camera in hand.


Emma is the marketing manager at Pearl Jade Marketing, specializing in content creation, social media marketing, digital ads management, and analytics. With a deep-rooted passion for marketing and design, she thrives from bringing your dreams to life. Emma is a twenty-something, coffee connoisseur, Michigan native, dog momma, adventurer, and creative soul.

Paris Wright

Paris Wright

Branding & Graphic Designer

Loves sushi but hates avocado. Loves to help and watch people grow. Can’t stop watching The Office.


Paris is laid back but will step up when talking about something she’s passionate about. She’s an avid (maybe obsessive) crystal collector—she’s always covered or surrounded by them! Paris LOVES every aspect of the branding process but also enjoys exploring areas in the design world. Wine, beer, and spirit packaging is her favorite thing to look at when shopping. Pair that with some sushi and call it a date! She also loves her two dogs, Roxy and Cubs.

Josh Neumann

Josh Neumann

Creative Coordinator

Self-proclaimed nerd for everything tech. Creative at heart. Seriously obsessed with music.


There is no issue that cannot be fixed. That is the core attitude of Josh. He loves “nerding it up” to troubleshoot problems that seem unfixable—especially when it comes to technology. Josh’s interests span from writing and recording music, to photography and video editing. You can see his passion light up when he puts these skills to use, discovering new ways to help businesses produce unique content. You can always expect an optimistic and positive attitude from Josh. If you need an on the spot joke or someone to listen to you—he’s your guy.

Angela Romeo

Angela Romeo

Office Manager

Avid runner. The most organized human. Wife to a Navy sailor. Likes to ‘mom.’


Angela is a key asset to the Pearl Jade team. She is always organized, even if there’s a million projects in motion—just ask the team. Angela assists in scheduling meetings, keeping track of the books, project management, and organizing our calendars to assure projects get done efficiently. On a typical day, you can catch Angela grinding for Pearl Jade, spending time with her two girls and hubby, catching up on the latest sports highlights, and enjoying a nice jog through DC or tackling the local 5K with friends.

Gabby Kuhn

Gabby Kuhn

Graphic Designer

Eat. Sleep. Workout. CREATE.
(Repeat ASAP)


Gabby is a graphic designer at Pearl Jade Marketing. She walks into her home office ready to make the world a more aesthetic place for generations to come. Gabby is an enthusiast of all foods, the gym, and nature—but will fan-girl even harder over her wonderful boyfriend, sweet son, two kitties, and pitbull.

Ali Mowers

Ali Mowers

Branding Editor

Self-proclaimed grammar troll. Lover of Reggaeton, spicy food, and probably your cat.


Ali is passionate about helping businesses bring their story to life through strong messaging on strategic platforms. This is Ali’s second experience working with a woman-led marketing agency, her first as an intern in Wellington, New Zealand. Some of her favorite things include charcuterie boards, trying new food, and her best friends. Ali hopes her terrible dance moves encourage you to join in on the fun.

Cathy Sherry

Cathy Sherry

Business Development

Loves sunshine, good food, and travel. Always ready for a new adventure.


Cathy is active in business development for Pearl Jade Marketing. She is enthusiastic about meeting new people and growing the business through networking platforms. Cathy enjoys nice restaurants and good coffee — but Cathy’s greatest joy are her grandchildren!

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