Social Media Management: Instagram Reels Marketing

 Get Reel with Pearl Jade

Turning your products, services, and everything your business does into content for social media and marketing efforts is always something we LOVE helping businesses with. As you start to discover new ways to reach your customers, let us introduce you to the world of Instagram Reels. No doubt, you have seen your fair share already but Instagram Reels are short videos or clips—no longer than 60 seconds, that have a very high viewability rate and an even greater chance of being seen by more people than those who just follow your page organically. Enlist the help of our Pearl Jade Marketing team to start creating your very own clips with our Instagram Reels marketing service package!


With this marketing service in Pennsylvania, you can count on the Pearl Jade team to get your message across, no matter what it is, creatively and effectively through Instagram Reels marketing in Harrisburg. This is an awesome way to create more authentic and viewable content—and a great technique to utilize when trying to increase your reach and gain potential clients or sales for your business.

Check out our detailed and effective Instagram Reels marketing process below:


Step 1:

Creation Request: It all starts with you—AND is also guided by you. However, once this service is requested, you can expect a meeting to get started to highlight your goals and direction for your business on social media.

Step 2:

Developing the Concept: This is usually the part where our creative thinkers at Pearl Jade Marketing are enlisted to help generate ideas for your upcoming Instagram Reels content! Of course, any ideas from you are always welcomed! Although, we’re more than ready to bring our creative ideas to the table as well.

Step 3:

Selecting Audio: This may seem a little off but the audio is just as important as the visual content! Some sounds, music, or audio clips start trending (you’ll notice a little upward arrow appear on the reel) and it’s always great to capitalize on trending sounds! Our team stays in the know here, so don’t worry—we’ll do the nitty gritty work for you and find the right sounds for your content.

Step 4:

Editing Visual Content: An Instagram Reel can be made up of a series of pictures, videos, or a combination of both! This part is expertly edited and pieced together, depending on content, by our dynamic team and then paired with the perfect trending audio.

Step 5:

Publish Instagram Reels: Once all is said and done and you are happy with your new Instagram Reel, Pearl Jade Marketing will publish the reel to your Instagram profile for the whole world to see (seriously—this type of content reaches more than just your organic following). You just get to focus on kicking back, relaxing, and watching the views go up…that means more people learning about your company and a greater chance of conversion!

Gathering Content is Easy with Pearl Jade Marketing

So, where do the videos and pictures come from? Well, they come from you or your business! Don’t sweat it though, if you don’t already have a plethora of videos or pictures to use, we’re happy to get you set up with a fun photo or videography shoot to gather content to use in your future Instagram Reels marketing! The alternative is that we can guide you on how to capture some content on your own, with your staff, work environment, or other items from your idea list.


That’s right—we have you covered from start to publish and all the little design elements in between! Now…what do you say? Are you ready to get more custom views with Instagram Reel content?