Social Media Management: Instagram Management

 Get Yourself Out There with Instagram managers in Harrisburg

Welcome to the land where pictures and video reign supreme, Instagram. This social media platform is one that continually grows in popularity and is basically a close cousin of Facebook. When it comes to your business though, Instagram can be a great place to reach a huge demographic of people and do so in more engaging and creative ways! At Pearl Jade Marketing, we’ve spent a lot of time studying the ebb and flow of this platform to bring you our Instagram Management services in Pennsylvania.

With our unique approach we’re all geared up to get your Instagram business profile thriving with a welcoming and aesthetically-pleasing grid, on-brand designs, fun Instagram stories, and of course…Instagram Reels! (You can learn more about our Instagram Reels service here.) With this service package, you get access to all our full design team, marketers to create your unique content, and consultation to make sure we have the right idea for your business.


Check out exactly what we do for you below:

  • Routine Posting: You are going to want to be all about that #gridlife. What we mean is that building a welcoming and on-brand grid of posts on your Instagram takes routine posting and maintenance…exactly what we do! We’ll learn all about your business and what message you want to share or sell to customers—and turn that into fun, insightful, and engaging content ready to go up into that beautiful grid! This lends credibility to your business and your page and often serves as a great place to get potential customers from social media to your website, where the real business can happen. We also take on all of the front-end work of designing content, writing copy, and even identifying popular or trending hashtags to augment your content! Regular posting is a must on Instagram and we’re here to help.
  • Sponsored Advertisements: Just like other social media platforms, Instagram happily allows businesses to pay in to advertise their business to more accounts. With the continual growth of Instagram, this is something very worthwhile. At PJM, and our Instagram management, we’ll start with you and your business and determine the best avenue to advertise your business on this platform. That could stretch from designs to photos and videos as well as your goals for advertising and the budget you would like to put forth towards these efforts. From there, we’ll take care of the navigation of getting your content out there and new customers onto your pages or website! Don’t miss out on your new customers, connect with PJM first to connect with them!
  • Organic Management: Authenticity is the key on social media and our team welcomes you to explore our Organic Instagram Management service. With our help, your business page can engage, comment, and interact with your followers or other businesses! We take on the workload of scrolling feeds, liking other posts, commenting on other posts, and just generally providing a real touch to your business account. This extra effort pays off as you have our team watching out for potential referrals, questions, and comments on your Instagram account. No more worrying about replying to comments or making sure you engage every week…let Pearl Jade Marketing take it from here!

There’s Power Here with Instagram Management

Don’t discredit the power that an active and welcoming Instagram account can hold for your business. We’re always happy to tell you more and teach you about the approach we take to improve your sales or connect with new customers for your business. With Instagram management in Harrisburg and the expert guidance from our creative team, we know you’ll love what you see and can’t wait to show you what we come up with for your Instagram! Now, who wants to take a #selfie?