How approaching social media advertising, with expert guidance, can transform your business.


Tackling The Digital World

If we have heard it once, we have heard it a MILLION times—does Facebook work? Can Facebook work for my business? Can any social media help grow my business? Well, that can be a tricky one to answer. It depends on the business, the product, and SO much more! Let’s break down some of the key factors of finding a place for your business in the ever changing world of social media!

Boosters Beware

It’s there. Lurking on every post. Waiting for you to give it $10-$20. You know what we are talking about? The ‘Boost Post’ button on Facebook and sometimes Instagram. This little gem of an action allows businesses to approach a side of social media advertising that, well, does not represent if Facebook can be a good place to advertise your business or not. These types of ads are not comprehensive and will only reach potential customers or screens based on very limited direction from the user. Sometimes, machines can do things better than us—this is not one of those cases! Throwing money at this button will not be a good indicator of whether or not Facebook advertising is working for your business.

Starting Out vs. Established Business

Do you know your audience? Some business owners know exactly who they serve, what they want to see, and how they want to purchase. Of course, knowing the type of customers you want to reach is a great start for social media advertising, but, for those of you just starting out, do not fret! The Pearl Jade team is proud to support new businesses to stand on two feet in the Social Media world and find their audience. This is done through engaging and creative social media advertising experiments where the data lays out the next move. Just remember, from amateur to pro the Pearl Jade experts can help you find and define an audience that wants what you’re selling.


Your Content is OG

Now that we have covered avoiding pouring money into the boost post button let’s move onto keepin’ it real! The function of your social media advertising will rely on the type of content you are using to represent your business or product. If potential customers are seeing content from you with various branding elements that don’t align, images that don’t represent your business well, or even wording that doesn’t sound like your business, they are more likely to a) not remember your product or business or b) scroll by that sucker faster than the road runner. You can connect with our team at Pearl Jade to learn more about how we can lead you to producing original and branded content that aligns all of your social media advertising efforts with what your business is really about.

You Got Choices, Kid

So, the three big things to remember when starting out are: avoid the boost post button, use as much original/branded content as possible, and find and define an audience that makes sense for your business or product. Now you ask, but how? That’s where the Pearl Jade team comes in! We support your business to find the most functional advertising routes, check out some of your choices:

  • Facebook: A platform great for reaching a large and specific audience through different creative approaches. Pearl Jade Marketing works to align your branding, appearance, and advertising on this platform to get more eyes on what you do best.
  • Instagram: This platform is a testament to imagery. This is a great place to host things like before and after pictures, finished projects or products, or highlights of your business. Our team will shape your Instagram to be a page customers keep coming back to!
  • Google Ads/Google My Business: If you think social media is huge, meet Google. You are going to want a partner when you start defining your business on the Google side of things. We’re here to lead you through the construction of showing up as the top search result.
  • Email Campaigns: Sometimes relegated to the spam section of our minds and emails, these types of advertising campaigns can hit home with customers. Your approach just needs to be refined. With the right branding and message, you can stay in touch with your customers in more effective and direct ways.


Your business could benefit from any or all of these choices. A quick conversation with the Pearl Jade Social Media Warriors will give you a better idea of what may or may not work for your product or business. Let’s start something new.