Introducing our new high level branding package.

It’s Time to Step It UP!

Marketing can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Google here. Facebook there. Then you have to put together a logo and tap into pools of creativity you haven’t touched since art class in elementary school. We’ve seen small business owners run into a long and complicated process to get their business out in the digital world in a consistent way. However, that all ends here! We want you to meet our High Level Branding Package —designed to give small businesses all the assets they need to professionally present themselves, on any platform!


What Makes The Branding Package High Level?

For starters, this new branding package offers support from a team of creative professionals that are geared towards supporting your small business reach its goals. You know that crazy logo idea that you have? Our team can bring it to life. With your input, we’re happy to guide you through the process of your logo creation—and provide expert suggestions for color and design! With this process, you’re not looking at months or years of development, but a quick turnaround time for no long-term commitments. We’d say it puts this branding package at a ‘high level’ payoff for you without demanding your whole schedule!

Grab the Deets

Let’s dive into more of the perks of this High Level Branding Package. Turns out, we’ve covered all of the marketing essentials:

  • Brandscape—This is where your brand begins to come to life. Our team develops the tone, messaging, and personality of your business by putting together images and text that evokes your style.
  • Full Logo Suite—Work with our designers to develop a full logo suite that speaks to your audience. We make sure you have your logos in all the right file formats, too!
  • Custom Typography—Call in the fonts! This is an important part of your visual identity as the typography communicates your message in ways the logo, color, and imagery may not capture. Our team carefully and strategically pulls fonts based on your preferred style.
  • Custom Color Palette—Some companies use red to emphasize strength or passion, while other companies use blue to provide a welcoming tone. We’ll help you find the right colors to utilize for your brand.
  • Brand Presentations—These presentations consist of the Renaming Presentation (if applicable), Brandscape Presentation, and the Logo Suite Presentation.Show off your brandscape with presentations designed to express the importance and meaning of your digital presence.
    • Renaming Presentation: Some clients need or request to rename their business. This presentation showcases the vision, mission, new possible names, and new potential taglines for the business.
    • Brandscape Presentation: This is to ensure the designers and the client(s) are on the same page with tone, messaging, and know what to expect with the style of their logo.
    • Logo Suite Presentation: This presentation showcases the logo suite concepts the designers have come up with. Additionally, it showcases the suite in color, black, and white, mockups of what the logo would look like in real life, how you can use each logo, color palette, fonts used in logo, imagery, etc.
  • Branding Manual—An approachable “what’s-what” of your business’ brand. It’ll help you and anyone else who may need to know your brand, know what your elements are and how to use them consistently across all platforms.
  • Social Media Assets—Get your social media presence aligned with your new visual identity including profile pictures, custom bio highlights, cover photos, and more.
  • 3 Branding Collateral Pieces—Our team will work with you to determine the three best options for your brand collateral. These can be anything from brochures and flyers to business cards, stickers or labels, even email signatures and letterheads! You get to pick your three favorites.


Yeah, we know. High level right? You get ALL of this in one altogether branding package — and access to our team of creative experts!

It Really Is Something Special

Excuse us if we sound a little proud here, but we’re confident in our ability to connect with you in a creative process where your opinion is always valued! Our goal is to make you feel like you almost made the design yourself! Along with that, we’re great at discovering who you are and your why for your business. From there, we can establish a clear brand foundation (mission & vision, business goals, your ideal client base, your competitors, and where your business currently stands) before diving into your visual identity!

 Expect to be the decision maker too. We’ll provide you with choices throughout the design process including two brand concepts to choose from and your choice of marketing collateral pieces that best fit your business! We could go on—but we’d rather tell you in-person (or via Zoom!).

 Are You Ready?

You’re one click away from more customer volume and a rejuvenated visual identity. Our team can’t wait to connect with you and learn more about your business and design the perfect branding package. We’ll put everything you need to run your business in the digital space with no details lost…NOW THAT’S HIGH LEVEL!