It’s a tune that makes you think of a product. It’s a set of colors that spark a certain air of sentiment. It’s a font and logo that instills that “je ne sais quoi” when you see it. It’s business branding!

There is much to master in the art of branding, but starting with the essentials will help you craft a foundation of success. Business branding comes down to consistency—visual, written, and spoken—in your story, or what others may call your message, across all print and digital platforms. When you can tighten up this foundational part of your business, you will open doors you did not even know existed. At Pearl Jade, we really love opening those doors.

Our Business Branding Process 

Building your branding can feel like a leap of faith, but take it from those we work with—it’s a leap that is always worth it.

The first step consists of chatting with our designers who ask about the ins and out of you and your company—because nothing can be crafted without a deep understanding of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This information is then translated into custom logo suites presented to you for selection.

The finalized package, when developed by PJM, will outline the intricacies of reproduction for your go-to brand elements (fonts, logos, colors, etc.) in one easy reference guide that is all yours. With your business branding package, you are equipped and free to share your message with the world!


Confidence: The New You, Your New Business

With your brand kit, your newfound confidence is sure to stick around. With guidance from the PJM team, you can now create high-end print and digital assets and branded apparel for your team and customers alike! Imagine seeing your logo sported around by others because they want to.

With business branding an expertly crafted design can make all the difference, and it’s one simple method to get others to back up your brand. We don’t know how “you do you,” but when your team supports the business, everything tends to run more smoothly!


You’ll Feel Lighter

You might not be able to fly, but we can guarantee a nice, big sigh of relief once you partner with Pearl Jade Marketing. Believe us when we say it is quite the bonus to be able to hand your business branding over to a team that cares about your vision and has the expertise to take all of your ideas and make them real.

It’s a proven process. It works every day for our customers. The small investment you make towards a brand upgrade and establishing your brand loyalty to reach new heights will pay off time and time again. PJM is here to tell you that it’s okay to ditch that old promotional pen and connect with something a little more cutting edge. As the market for everything continues to evolve, your business and the business branding must have to adapt to stay relevant. We don’t make the rules, but we understand what matters—and all it takes is a little time with our team to get started.