What’s the Deal with Instagram Reels?

The Importance of Instagram in Your Marketing


Make it Reel

Let’s talk about Instagram Reels and how we are helping businesses succeed with their video content in State College, Pennsylvania AND beyond! This new-ish posting tool is now the standard across Instagram and Facebook. This tool is one you shouldn’t take for granted as it can have quite the impact on your business’ marketing! We’re going to give you the breakdown on reels; more specifically, their impact and how they can transform the way you get your business out there. Remember, when it comes time to put theory into practice, our team at PJM is ready to take your business there.


Break it Down Now

To ensure we’re all on the same page here, an Instagram Reel is a short video post that utilizes a few different aspects:

  • 90-seconds or shorter
  • Uses audio—trending audio or audio that relates to the content
  • Typically combines multiple clips to create one fluent and seamless video

It’s important to keep in mind that these videos are intended to be short, almost commercial length, that are easy to view and scroll through.

Organic GROWTH

Instagram reels are being highly-ranked in viewability among social media platforms all across the world and even right here in Harrisburg, PA and because of this, when you post reels to your business–you can expect better data than just a typical Instagram post. Basically, regular posts that you’re not putting any money into (boosting, ads, etc). In recent times, we’ve started to see that the organic posts aren’t going ‘as far’ as they used to, not performing as well, and not being seen by as many people. However, we’re finding that reels are holding a lot of power when just organically posted onto the feed(s).

Instagram reels are being highly-ranked in viewability among social media platforms all across the world and even right here in Harrisburg, PA and because of this, when you post reels to your business–you can expect better data than just a typical Instagram post. Take it from us, we have seen reels go up into the thousands of views with no sponsoring needed. It’s because of this favorite type of viewing from consumers that reels have a much better chance of getting your business out there. This is the perfect way to expand your marketing package with our team and get a little more creative with your business strategy.


The Impact of Instagram Reels

Like we said, we have seen reels explode with views quite quickly. When you combine occasional Instagram reels with regular, routine posting you get a solid business profile that builds credibility and traffic. This traffic yields high potential for clickthrough rates and can lead viewers directly to your other business pages and website. Building this web of activity and engagement around your business only serves to attract customers and often produces more customers, more clicks, and more calls for whatever it is that you do, sell, make, or share! If you’re ready for impact, start building up your profiles with our team today! If you want to learn more about building your Instagram profile into something fresh, feel free to look into our Instagram Services!

Check out the difference between a normal Instagram post versus a Reel Instagram post on our own page:


As you can see, there is a real difference between a regular Instagram post and Instagram reels posting, organically. Our post about our furry at home office friends pulled in just over 100 accounts organically but our reel pulled in well over 7,000 accounts! This is the power we are talking about.

Check out some really fun (and well-performing) REELS from businesses we work with! First, check out McKenzie Millward’s really fun real estate update! You might also like seeing what we’ve helped Pakayak create recently showcasing how easy it is to put together their portable kayaks! Then top it all off by getting your bling on with Kranich’s Jewelers where we helped their business showcase the cleaning process of a BEAUTIFUL ring! These are just a few examples, but just imagine what we can create together for your business or company!

Making Work Fun

Another perk about Instagram reels for businesses both in Pennsylvania and wherever you are in the world is that it can also empower your employees…REALLY! We’re not kidding. In order to gather content for reels, our team will work with you to develop ideas for some videos. From there, it’s up to you and your business team to generate some content (we can always come out and help), but this process can be fun and engaging for your staff! Along with being fun, you also get to empower your team as you share how many views your reels are getting and see your employees realize that their work is being seen by potentially thousands of people! Reels are a really great way to get everyone involved and get a little back from your hard work.


Reel in the Customers

Are you feeling like a pro yet? The next step is to start a conversation with your team and then include our team into your marketing endeavors. It’s just one click to start building a stronger online presence and reel-ing in more customers. We’ll start thinking of some ideas for your first reel!