All Reach Is Good Reach

Before we go jumping into this really fun topic of sponsored ads, we just want to say that if you’ve started your online presence for your business, whether in social media, email campaigns, or other marketing efforts—you are on the RIGHT track, and we applaud you for that!


When it comes to maintaining your online presence though, you’ll quickly notice you’re in for a long haul. What we want to help break down for you are these two essential key terms: organic and sponsored ads. We’ll get into definitions later, but just remember that all reach, even if it’s not much, is good reach and a good start. Now…let’s get you armed with some new knowledge and start growing your reach and customer base. As always, our team of dedicated creative professionals are always available to help out in this digital world!



Let’s Start Organically

This is a hot word right now, it seems grocery stores and almost everywhere are boasting about just how organic their products are. But, when it comes to social media and your business’ online presence, it has a bit of a different twang. Here the term directly refers to content you post onto your business social media pages, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Just as you would personally post something to Facebook, with your business page these organic (free to post) posts go to laying the groundwork for new and returning customers that visit your page. Let’s look at the quick pros and cons:

  • Pros: $0 cost, makes the page more authentic and believable, great way to communicate vision and mission, supports brand and marketing efforts.
  • Cons: You are limited to the audience of those who have liked or followed your page, results for each post can be underwhelming vs expectations, creating and scheduling can be time consuming.


Let us emphasize that organic posting is very important and does so much for your business. PJM is always happy to help you get started with content, just take a look at our services. So now that you get the idea of organic posting, let’s move into the world of sponsored ads and what their impact can be.


Sponsored Ads

So, the basic concept here is pretty simple to understand. You can choose to pay for ad placements of your content on the various social media platforms with multiple approaches and outcomes. The big idea to take away here is that you are reaching potential new customers that are not limited to those who like or follow your page. This puts your content in content feeds of people who may benefit from your product or service. The connection made by your content and potential new customers is created through cookies, browsing data, and other demographics. Pros and cons you say? We’ve got you:

  • Pros: Reach more people, get more clicks to website or landing page, choose the audience you target, budget & duration control, gets your image or name onto more devices establishing recognition.
  • Cons: Depending on results—desired budget may grow/cost more, some ads may not “click” with the audience producing less desirable results, ad setup can be intricate.


That last little con is what stops a lot of businesses in their tracks when they try to do this on their own. There are some tech skills that come into play and you are better off consulting with some professionals for set up. Lucky you, we’re just the ones for that and when you know it’s time to grow, you can grow more effectively with the Pearl Jade team!


Just Mix It All Up

When it comes down to it, the major difference between organic and sponsored is the budget. Organic is free, yet limited, while sponsored ads cost money, but have more impact and reach for your business. The best approach is a nice mix of the two. With balance, branding, and an informed approach, customer growth, sales, or whatever it is you do, will only get better and better. Now, when you mix the creative PJM team into your strategy, that’s when things really start paying off.


Let’s get to enhancing your online presence together. We’re more than happy to share even more information with you and your business about all the inner workings of social media and other marketing platforms. We are already excited to learn more about what you do!